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Is Your Make-up the Problem


Is make-up effecting your skin’s health? Does it cause congestion, breakouts & dullness, ruining all your good skincare? The answer- it depends on the brand of make-up you use & the quality of the ingredients within that product.

Things to look for are products that say they are “Talc-free”, “silicon-free”, “free of mineral oils” & “paraben-free”. These are cheap fillers, & these are known to cause irritation in the skin, congest the pores & age you faster. There is some good news!

Many brands these days are aware that they cannot use these ingredients as consumers are savvier & looking for ‘healthier’ alternatives for their skin. We have teamed up with Adderton Beauty in our salon. Adderton is an Australian make-up brand that is cruelty-free & cosmeceutical, that is, that their make-up contains active ingredients that can also be found in skincare.

This means that your make-up is working hard at keeping your skin in good health while still providing you with flawless coverage. Their pressed powder is anti-bacterial, their liquid foundation contains hyaluronic acid & their loose mineral powders contain Vitamins A & E.

Here at Skin Therapeia we offer complimentary mini make overs at the completion of your treatment. Simply ask your Therapist for this mini make over & experience the difference.

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