Cosmetic Procedures

Jacinta Oriti-Woolley
Nurse/ Cosmetic Injection Specialist

Jacinta completed a dual Paramedics/Nursing Degree with Australian Catholic University. After 3 years she soon realised her passion was in Cosmetic Nursing.

Jacinta gained extensive experience running a theatre in a Cosmetic Clinic and has since moved  solely into Cosmetic Injecting. 

Her obsession is Health and Wellness and she loves nothing more than making her clients feel good about themselves.

Jacinta works between Sydney and Brisbane and is one of the most sought-after Injecting Nurses. She continues her own professional development, attending various conferences and training in order to remain up to date with new advances and techniques.

EyebrowMicroblading & Cosmetic Tattooing

Tegan Naderi
Microblading & Plasma Fibrolift Specialist

For the past 5 years I have been working for Sydneys premiere Microblading & Cosmetic Tattoo College, Sydney College of Hair & Beauty (SCHB). SCHB has produced some of Sydney’s reputable eyebrow artists including the well-known Lana Tarek.

My role there, which started as the Marketing Manager, eventually changed into a more hands on role as my curiosity about the art form of cosmetic tattooing and the value we place on our brows grew.  

I still work at the college & often assist our Master Trainer Zara deliver her lesson content and guide the students on correct techniques. Working there gives me access to constant mentorship as well as the latest techniques and trends in the area of cosmetic tattooing & microblading.