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How long has it been?


When was your skin last Assessed? Your skin will change throughout your lifetime, decades & seasonally so it’s important to have your skin assessed to determine not just your skin type, but your current skin condition.

You may have an oily skin type but dehydrated skin condition. Untreated this can lead to premature ageing, congestion & improper oil flow. Your Beauty Therapist should assess your skin both under a Magnifying Lamp & a Woods Lamp to see what’s happening on both the surface & deeper down.

A Skin Care regime & facial program can then be designed just for you! Facials are designed to take deeper care of your skin than what you can achieve at home & re-balance the skin.

Other benefits of a facial include:

  • Deep cleansing & exfoliating to remove the build-up of dull, dead skin cells & oils
  • Increased blood flow bringing oxygen & nutrients to the skin
  • Lymphatic drainage & toxin removal
  • Increasing hydration – Balancing the skins pH – Decreasing inflammation & puffiness
  • Decrease the appearance of ageing
  • Firm skin & decrease sagging – Decrease pigmentation
  • Clear pores, congestion & heal breakouts

Frequency will depend on the concern & condition of your skin but for general skin health & maintenance a facial every 4-6 weeks will leave you glowing & receiving compliments from friends & family.

Ask your friendly therapist which facial would be most beneficial for you. Call and Book a complimentary Skin Assessment by mentioning this post!

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