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Fake Tan the only Safe Tan


The only safe tan is a fake tan! We know the sun can burn the skin via UVB rays, but did you know UVA rays damage your collagen, ageing you faster! Plus we all know sun damaged skin cells can lead to melanoma cancer.

There are now hundreds of tan varieties & application methods available from salon to home spray, cream, mousse, one night & oils but no matter which you choose, ensuring your tan is even & flawless is a must!

1. Perform hair removal the day before. You can’t wax or shave after a tan is applied without losing the colour & this is because the tan sticks to the top layer of skin cells. You don’t want to do it the same day or just before a tan because your hair follicles have been opened & you may develop irritation & the tan can become caught in the open follicle.

2. Exfoliate the day of or the day before. Scrub off any residual tan & dead skin cells otherwise the fresh tan will stick to those patches & give you a very uneven tan.

3. Avoid deodorant, perfume & don’t moisturise before a tan as it will create a barrier & prevent the tan from sticking to your skin-unless you want to avoid tan in that area such as elbows/ankles.

4. Post tan, rinse with plain water & pat dry. Don’t use body wash or moisturiser until after the 2nd shower once your tan has had time to fully develop.

5. Always pat dry gently & moisturise or use a tan extender for a longer lasting tan.

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