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For those of you with short lashes or sparse brows we have your new best friend Eyenvy lash and brow Growth Serum. This product sells out every time we order it in! Eyenvy nourishes brows and lashes to help them grow to their longest and fullest potential.

You will even see new hair growth after just 4 weeks. Take yourself a before and after photo and see the improvement for yourself. This product is excellent for repairing the damage done by eyelash extensions.

Another alternative to lash extensions that will ensure your eyes always look ‘done’ is to have a Lash Lift & tint! Ellebana lash lift will curl your lashes, making them appear longer. Intensify them with a black or blue/black tint and not only will they look amazing but you will be making people guess if its mascara or your natural lashes!

Best of all there is no sticky glue to remove, no risk of your lashes falling off or out like there is with false lashes and you can go swimming without getting pander eyes!

Don’t stop there, tint those eyebrows while you’re here and ditch the pencil! We also have a wonderful water-resistant brow mascara from Adderton Cosmetics that will not only hold your brows in place, but it will also thicken and colour them for the day/night.

Book your Lash Lift & Tint for just $99!

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