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Do Men Need Skincare?


Absolutely! Just as we need to cleanse away dirt, oil & debris, so do men. They generally have higher oil production and more enlarged pores, which can become congested allowing blackheads to develop. They also grow more facial hair which can become ingrown, whilst those who shave can have dry, irritated or flaky skin around that area.

Here’s a simple routine.

  1. Cleanse every night and wash away all the pollution and oil from their face. Cosmedix Purity Clean has a fresh but natural fragrance & dissolves sebum (oil).
  2. Moisturise with a light hydrator. Try Aspect Dr Oil-Free Moisturiser.
  3. Exfoliate twice a week to buff off dead skin cells, clear pores & help hairs break through the skin more easily, preventing in-grown hairs & irritation. Cosmedix Purity Detox Scrub is a favourite with our male clients.
  4.  Eye cream. More men have been looking to reduce wrinkles around their eyes & make them appear more awake with some going down the anti-wrinkle injection path. A good eye-cream will nourish the eye area whilst firming & reducing dark circles so even if a good night’s sleep seems like a lifetime ago, you can still look like you got one. Aspect Dr Eye Lift will do the trick.
  5. SPF protect that handsome face from the harsh Australian sun. Reapply every 2 hours.

Once they have this mastered, try adding in some serums. Why not book him in for one of our Men’s facials & let him enjoy a little pampering.

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